Get Paid to Play Poker

Get Paid to Play Poker

People couldn’t count on being able to find a game, and so the rooms hired prop players to make sure that anyone visiting looking for a table had someone to play against.

Now that most poker rooms have thousands of players at any given moment, the need for prop players has diminished. Still, there are opportunities out there if you are interested in being a prop.

The poker rooms on the Cryptologic Network offer all new players the chance to prop for a couple of hours. When the house decides to open a new table, they will automatically pop up a box on your screen asking if you’d like to join the table and prop it. You can say yes, no, or leave me alone. If you simply say no, they’ll ask again next time. But, they won’t keep asking forever.

They also won’t let you prop for more than a few hours. If you’re interested in taking a few bucks for a few hours’ worth of play, I suggest you try InterPoker or William Hill.

InterPoker offers the prop system, plus a monthly bonus to their players. William Hill offers players a monthly bonus based on time spent at the tables, which is actually quite nice. On the same network is TotalBet, another room that pays you monthly for time spent at the tables.