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Happy Halloween from The Byrnes

Raise your hand if Halloween is your favourite time of year! It’s certainly one of the bests. And Nicky made the holiday even better by tweeting a picture of his whole family wearing their respective costumes! A vampire, zombie football player, a scary clown, a little witch and a skeleton. Coolest family in the neighbourhood, hands down!

Did any of you guys dress up as anything Nicky-related? Make sure to share your costumes on Twitter: @TeamByrneMx.

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Nicky & Georgina Celebrate Their 13th Anniversary

As you know, it was the 13th Wedding Anniversary of Nicky and Georgina. Here is a wonderful picture he shared with her at the beach. They really are an example to follow. 🙂 Like Nicky would say “Some Things Always Seem To Last”.

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Nicky’s Holidays in Portugal

Like every year, Nicky always takes the first two weeks of July off to have his vacations in Portugal. Sure, we’ve been missing him, but he really deserves his time off after working extra hard this year. Nicky has been sharing some pictures from his trip, and boy is it hot over there!

He also got to celebrate Portugal’s win at the UEFA Euro 2016, where Rocco and Jay sported some cool jerseys!

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Nicky Watches Ireland’s Game With His Family

It was an exciting day for everyone in Ireland, because the ROI played against France at the UEFA Euro 2016. Unfortunately they were eliminated, but all irish fans should be proud of their team and how amazing they’ve all been supporting their country. Nicky watched the game with his kids and wife, Georgina, who posted this great picture of him with Rocco!

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 12.17.01 PM

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Nicky & Georgina Attend Jenny Greene’s Wedding

Yesterday was very special for Jenny Greene because she finally got married to Kelly Keogh. Nicky and his wife, Georgina, attended the lovely “festival themed” ceremony, and shared these pictures online of the two looking gorgeous! Congratulations to Jenny and Kelly – Best wishes!

Gallery Link:

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Happy Father’s Day to Nicky

Wishing Nicky the Happiest Father’s Day! He’s such a wonderful dad to Rocco, Jay and Gia, so he deserves to be celebrated. He tweeted a picture of him with his siblings, having lunch and another one of his parents’ wedding. 🙂 Thinking of the Byrne family.

If you haven’t yet, you should listen to the song Nicky wrote for his daughter, Gia, called “Pretty”click here!

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Rocco & Jay Have Their First Communion

Yesterday was a very special day for the Byrne family because Nicky’s twins, Rocco and Jay, had their first communion. Georgina tweeted this very lovely picture, where you can see just how much the kids have grown up! My best wishes to all of them and congratulations!

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Nicky On The Cover of Irish Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine

Nicky is on the cover of today’s Irish Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine! For those who don’t live in Ireland and can’t read the article anywhere, I uploaded the pictures to the Gallery. Click on them to see their full size:

Here are some of the highlights from the interview. Really worth the read!

On finding his sound and ‘wow-ing’ people:

“When I went to write a solo album I even surprised myself. Ronan Hardiman deserves a lot of credit because he instilled a lot of confidence in me when I got to the songwriting process. He couldn’t believe my tone and he told me that I had a real sweet spot in my voice that was best in a certain range and we tried to capitalise on that and he believed that we would shock a lot of people and hopefully we have.”

On his upcoming Eurovision performance:

“It does need a big performance and we have Lee Lodge on board who has produced the Grammys and VMAs as well as One Direction concerts so hopefully he will dream up something incredible and I can deliver it on the night. Right now we are assembling five backing singers to create the performance and they have to be brilliant.”

On his former Westlife bandmates and their reaction to the news:

“We are brothers and we never lost that bond so we are all doing really well in our own fields. I am sure they all went, ‘holy s**t, what is he doing?’ but then they saw the song and the video and got what I was doing. They have all worked with Wayne and they are very musical and they probably got it and went, ‘Only Nicky would do something like this…’.”

On the Eurovision results:

“The pressure is huge. Don’t get me wrong at the end of the day it is me standing on the stage and I am under no illusions as to what could happen. I thought long and hard about it because everything is going so well, radio is flying, I’m really happy at home and the kids are in school and healthy and happy. Why do you want to put yourself up to this? But life is short, I know it is a decent song and I am a fighter. I am very Irish and I don’t want to see us not qualify. That doesn’t mean I will guarantee that but I will do all the Press and promotion and do the video and call on the biggest names to mix it and if we fall short it won’t be for lack of effort.”

On his family and Georgina’s support throughout his career:

“If I qualify we will all want to be in the same country on the one night. So whatever happens I will be able to go and give them a hug in Stockholm. I’m guessing I will be away doing promo in early May so I will miss Georgina’s birthday, which won’t be ideal. Look, if there was a Golden Globe for best supporting wife she would win it hands down. She has stood by and supported me through Westlife, Strictly, the football career before that – and now Eurovision. When I first considered this I went to her, she just said ‘If you think you can do this then go and do it. Why would you let your fear stop you if you think you can do it?’ And that is just how amazing she is.”

Gallery link:

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Nicky Byrne reveals Christmas plans with newborn daughter Gia

Singer Nicky Byrne has revealed mixed emotions at his first Christmas without his late granny, and first with newborn daughter Gia.

It was the third time presenting the Cheerios Childline concert on his own, but this year was extra special for Nicky Byrne as his baby daughter Gia was backstage to cheer him on.

Th Westlife star’s daughter marked her one month birthday yesterday, and Nicky and his wife Georgina brought her along to the show to celebrate.

“She’s the most beautiful little thing I’ve ever met,” he said.

“We’re absolutely delighted with her. She’s so placid and calm. We absolutely adore her and so do the boys.”

Nicky interviewed his former Westlife bandmate Shane Filan on stage after Shane performed for the first time at Childine as a solo act.

The 35-year-old said: “It was great because I haven’t seen Shane since I did Strictly Come Dancing. We’ve kept in touch but this was the first time we were on stage together again.”

Nicky Byrne and Shane Filan who will be performing the Cheerios Childline Concert

Nicky Byrne and Shane Filan who will be performing the Cheerios Childline Concert


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Nicky Byrne Talks About His Love For Baby Gia

Former Westlife singer Nicky Byrne, who is recently announced he is working on a solo album, spoke to Miriam O’Callaghan on RTE’s Radio One this morning about the incredible love he feels for the new little lady in his life – daughter Gia. At just four weeks old, Gia is really the apple of her fathers eye and her two brothers, Jay and Rocco, who are now six-years-old.
“Little Gia is four weeks on Wednesday,” he said.


“She’s doing really well, she’s an adorable little girl. Absolutely beautiful. Very placid. She’s way different to the boys. I’m totally smitten – I fell in love all over again. She’s absolutely gorgeous and doing really well”

Speaking about Jay and Rocco’s reaction to a new baby in the house, the presenter said

“It’s amazing to see them coming in from school and rush over and give her a kiss.

“You kind of have to nearly to pull them frnom her, they’re smothering her that much but they absolutely love her,

“I get a real sense a satisfaction now when you try and wind her for ten minutes and then all of a sudden the burp comes and I’m like ‘yes, we did it”

The singer recently ruled out adding to their brood when talking to the Irish Mirror, saying:

“We feel incredibly lucky with the three we have so that’s us definitely done now.”

Nicky will present this years Cheerios Childline concert where former bandmate Shane Filan is expected to play.