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Looking Back At Nicky’s Boyband Hairstyles

Like I mentioned earlier this week, Xposé covered the Wella Trendvision Awards 2017 that Nicky hosted. While they were at the event, they had the opportunity to talk to Nicky and see what he thinks about the various hairstyles he’s had in his career. What is YOUR personal favourite?

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Nicky Talks All About His Football Days

It was a surprise on a Sunday when Nicky joined Second Captains on RTÉ Radio 1, this morning! Listen back to this great interview where he shares all about his days as a footballer and what he felt as his life was changing big time!


Always nice to hear Nicky talk about being a professional goalkeeper. 🙂

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Sunday Independent: How Nicky Stays Fit

Nicky was featured on the latest Sunday Independent, where he talked about the importance of staying fit, how it helps him and his essential tips! I added a scan of the full article, and you can check it out below:

“Most of my life, it was all about football but in the past 10 years, I’ve moved away from football and gotten really into weights and boxing“, said Nicky. He trains with “Padraig Murphy of Evolv Fitness in Blackrock and also in my own small gym at home. I try to stick to three sessions per week – sometimes it will be just two – but sometimes I will go through phases where it’s five times per week, mixing weights and boxing.”

Nicky’s secret weapon is exercise: “Exercise makes me feel good. I don’t just work out to get fit, I plan my goals in the gym. It’s a great place to think. While I’m in the gym, I’m thinking of fighting for the heavyweight boxing title, or singing in Madison Square Gardens, or presenting the biggest TV show in the world! I have the music up loud, sports on the TV, the top comes off and off I go! Basically, when I’m in my gym at home I feel invincible.”

His Top 3 Tips:

1. Commit to training at least three times per week and decide on the days.
2. Always include squats in one of your training sessions; it’s the best thing you can do. ‘Ass to grass’ to avoid knee injury.
3. Include boxing if you can; it’s great for cardio and for building confidence. Boxercise classes are a great option.

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Watch Week 12 of Dancing With The Stars

They came, they danced, they competed, they made it to the final and then it was over. After months of rehearsals and weekly live shows, the first series of Dancing With The Stars Ireland came to an end tonight. But before that happened, we got to see Nicky’s return to the ballroom, dancing for the finale’s opening number! The energy never stopped as the crowd cheered for the 3 finalists fighting to be the first champions of the series. Who do you think won? Find out by catching up on the RTÉ Player:

Click on the picture to watch it

Since many of you can’t watch the episode online, I uploaded a separate clip with just Nicky’s dance number, alongside the judges, Amanda, the pro dancers and the finalists:

After grand final, James Patrice caught up with Nicky, where he shared his thoughts on DWTS and the winners. I have to say that the effort and hard work everyone put into the live shows every week truly showed. Can’t imagine my Sundays without all the glitter and music, but I have a good feeling it’ll be back next year!

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The Nicky Byrne Show: Behind The Scenes

A couple of weeks ago, Rachael Kane went to The Nicky Byrne Show studio to see how the magic happened. She shared a great article on about her experience. Read it below:

“The beast has to be fed every day.” that’s how Zbyszek Zalinski describes his job as producer of 2FM’s The Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene, going live across the nation for three hours every weekday and attracting a listenership of over 130,000. He, fellow producer Caroline Clarke (they alternate days), Lorraine Dunne (broadcast coordinator) and Amanda Fennelly (assistant producer) are the engine that drives the busy programme.

I went behind the scenes at RTE Radio Centre in Donnybrook to see what really happens on the show. In the pre-show production meeting, the team runs through what’s coming up over the following three hours. Although the broadcast is music heavy and banter filled, it still takes serious fodder to keep an audience satisfied. Then we head to the studio where the Breakfast Republic team (Jennifer Maguire, Bernard O’Shea and Keith Walsh) bail out and the next squad sit in their still warm seats. Seconds later, Nicky and Jenny are on air.

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Nicky Plays ‘The Byram or Byrne Game’

Nicky joined James Patrice on today’s Pre-Show for Dancing With The Stars Ireland, ‘Best Foot Forward’. Watch as he, Des Cahill and Valeria Milova answer fan questions on Facebook, have a good laugh and play The Byram or Byrne Game!

If you want a more Behind The Scenes Look check out the 360º video on Pericope, by clicking on the picture below. Very cool!

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Nicky Talks About His Favourite Dance on DWTS So Far

It was a new night of Can’t Stop Dancing, the special to Dancing With The Stars Ireland. Its host, Bláthnaid Treacy chatted to Nicky after last Sunday’s show, where he revealed what his favourite dance has been so far. You can watch it back on the RTÉ Player, by clicking on the picture below:

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Can’t Stop Dancing Airs An Hour Early Today

Click on the picture to see it full size

Just like previous Fridays, the Dancing With The Stars Ireland special ‘Can’t Stop Dancing’ will be airing… But take note because it’ll be on an hour early – That means you have to tune into RTÉ One at 7:30pm. Make sure you catch Nicky and Amanda’s latest interview with Bláthnaid Treacy, where they’ll discuss the show and what they think of the celebrities so far!

Update: Here are Nicky’s bits. Thanks to Dawn from for sharing!

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Nicky Talks DWTS On RTÉ Today

Nicky was a guest on today’s RTÉ’s Today Show, where he talked about RTÉ’s new hit show, Dancing With The Stars Ireland. Here you can also see a quick recap of what happened during last night’s premiere and how Nicky can relate to what the contestants are going through, having participated in the U.K. original version of the series, Strictly Come Dancing.

I uploaded the video on YouTube, for all those who couldn’t watch it live. Enjoy!

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DWTS Best Foot Forward – Episode 1

The very first episode of the Dancing With The Stars Pre-Show Best Foot Forward just ended, and Nicky was one of the guests! Make sure you watch the fun interview and check out that shimmy! 😉 Starts at minute 18:25.

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