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Irish Daily Star Scans: Nicky Returns to Football

Thanks to my friend Judith for sending over the scans of today’s article on Nicky joining Baldoyle Grange Utd, featured on the Irish Daily Star. You can click on the picture below to read it:

Gallery Link:

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Week 3: Nicky Scores Winning Goal for Baldoyle Grange Utd

The 3rd Official Game of Nicky with Baldoyle Grange Utd took place this past weekend at the St Itas Hospital, Portrane. The team played against St Itas and they both scored 3-3, leading to a long penalty shoot-out, where Nicky scored Baldoyle Grange’s winning goal!

Make sure you grab today’s issue of the Irish Daily Star, featuring an article on this very same match! Congrats Nicky, so proud!

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Nicky’s Upcoming Interview on FRQ.FM

Garrett Mulhall is no stranger to us Nicky fans because he was always very supportive of him in Eurovision. He has the famous website for Eurovision Ireland, and shared with us a 35-minute interview with Nicky, back in May! If you haven’t watched it yet, click here.

Garrett also works on radio, and he asked us to tune into FRQfm this Tuesday, July 12th at 12PM GTM, for a new interview with a very special guest: Nicky! “Nicky did a great interview and gave us an exclusive too!”, Garret told us. What are those exciting news Nicky shared? We can’t wait to find out!

You can listen live online by visiting or by downloading their Official App. Also, make sure you follow the show on Twitter and Facebook + use the hashtag #UrbanFairytales to tweet them! Spread the word and let other fans know.

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Nicky Plays Swipe TV’s 60 Second Quickfire Question Round

We all love the Quickfire Question videos and this new one is no exception! TRTÉ sat down with Nicky and asked him to play Swipe TV’s 60 Second Quickfire Question Round. Find out what is Nicky’s favourite country, what emoji describes him best, his favourite pop song, the best advice he’s ever been given, and more:

You can download the Swipe TV app, here.

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Nicky Picks the Tracks of My Years on BBC Radio 2

While in London, Nicky gave BBC Radio 2 a visit, where he joined Ken Bruce and picked the Tracks of My Years. Listen back:


Monday, June 13thClick to play – Skip to Hour 02:11:42

Tuesday, June 14thClick to play – Skip to Hour 02:08:43

Wednesday, June 15thClick to play – Skip to Hour 02:10:33

Thursday, June 16thClick to play – Skip to Hour 02:10:21

Friday, June 17thClick to play – Skip to Hour 02:10:20

Gallery Link:

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Yahoo! Asks Nicky About His Eurovision Experience

On the 3rd Day of Soccer Aid Training, Nicky was asked by Yahoo! about his Eurovision Experience. Click on the picture below to watch the video and see what he said – The ending is my favourite part 😉 Love Nicky’s sense of humour!

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Rest of The World Team Meeting

Soccer Aid‘s The Rest of The World had a meeting where Claudio Ranieri and Niall Horan picked their starting team.

Looks like the boys are all set to win the game! C’mon Team ROW!

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Reiss – The Official Outfitters of Soccer Aid

Watch this Behind The Scenes video from Wednesday, where all the Soccer Aid celebrities and footballing legends arrived at London’s Chelsea Harbor Hotel to be fitted for their official team REISS suits ahead of the sixth star-studded Soccer Aid match.

Gallery Link:

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Nicky Talks Eurovision and Debut Album to Ray D’Arcy

Nicky stopped by The Ray D’Arcy Show’s studio today to talk about his experience in Stockholm, representing Ireland at Eurovision. He also promoted his debut album ‘Sunlight’, and mentioned how radio stations have refused to play his music due to his job on RTÉ 2fm.