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Eurovision – Stockholm Revisited Episode 1: Behind The Scenes

Every Friday during summer Eurovision will be looking back to their 2016 Song Contest in Stockholm. Make sure you subscribe to their Official YouTube Channel so you don’t miss a thing!

In the first episode we get a Behind The Scenes look at all the preparations leading up to the three live shows (it features some clips of Nicky rehearsing).

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Day 3 of Soccer Aid Training

Team ROW has been working hard for the past couple of days, and today is no exception! Check out these Behind The Scenes pictures and videos, shared by Nicky and his teammates.

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Day 2 of Soccer Aid Training

Nicky and The Rest of The World Team have arrived for the 2nd Day of Soccer Aid Training! Keep checking back for all the updates, pictures and videos 😉

Here’s Nicky training, and pictures of him with Shayne Ward and Rickie H-Williams:

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Additional Nicky Interviews in Stockholm

Nicky did more than just a few interviews while participating in Eurovision this week. Here are some of the ones that were transmitted in the U.K. and Sweden that you might’ve missed!

While the 1st Semi-Finals were being broadcasted in the U.K. on BBC 4, Nicky made a special appearance. You have to watch the oh-so-famous Westlife stools reference!

thanks to nickybyrneinfo

This is an interview Nicky did with Sweden’s Studio Eurovision before his stunning performance at the 2nd Semi-Finals. Gotta love Nicky’s face after taking a ginger shot! 😉

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Nicky Smashes His Performance at Eurovision’s 2nd Semi-Finals

Nicky took the stage at the Globe Arena in Stockholm to represent Ireland at the 2nd Semi-Finals and did his country and the world proud! You could see that he was having the time of his life, and all the crowd as well! Nicky shined on stage like he always has and showed just how much work he’s put into this whole experience.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it to the Eurovision Finals. Of course we’re all sad, specially after seeing how incredibly well he did, but this doesn’t mean he’s not a winner to all of us. It’s been so much fun to follow him on his Eurovision journey and I will always remember this. Nicky, don’t even for a moment think that you did something wrong… You are a star and we’ve never been prouder! You deserve a standing ovation for everything that you’ve done!

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Stars Wish Nicky Good Luck at Eurovision!

RTÉ put together an amazing video of different stars and friends of Nicky, wishing him good luck at Eurovision! Makes me so happy to see all the support he’s getting… Well deserved! 🙂

And let’s not forget his former Westlife bandmates!

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Eurovision Semi-Final 2: Third Dress Rehearsal

Nicky and Team Ireland rehearse one more time before the big and most expected Eurovision show: The 2nd Semi-Finals! Look at some behind the scenes pictures and videos below, and don’t forget to vote for Nicky (number 07)! For more info on how to vote, click here!

  • Arriving and Backstage Pictures:
  • Third Dress Rehearsal:
  • Gallery Link:

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    Eurovision Semi-Finals 2: Jury Show

    And he has finished performing! Nicky took the stage on Wednesday night to perform for the juries, and from what I hear from clips and people’s reactions, he did amazing and got the whole crowd signing and dancing!! So huge congratulations to Team Ireland for nailing it! So proud!

  • Backstage Pictures:
  • Performance Pictures (thanks to everyone who shared them):
  • Make sure that you all tune into the live show tomorrow and vote for Number 07 (Nicky). 50% of the votes are the juries and the other 50% is decided by the public! Come on, everyone! We can do this!

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