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Nicky Shares Brit Awards Pictures on Facebook

If you follow Nicky’s Official Facebook Page, you might’ve seen all the new pictures he added from last night’s Brit Awards 2016. They’re fantastic! Take a look at all of them here:

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Nicky Talks Eurovision Nerves & The Competition

Nicky was interviewed by Express at the Brit Awards 2016 yesterday, where he mentioned how he’s feeling about Eurovision and checking out the competition. He also talked about Ireland and the U.K. trying something different this year and the nerves of performing for 200+ million viewers around the world!

Entertainment News posted an audio clip of Nicky as well. He looked back at his favourite Brit Awards memories from his Westlife days:

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Nicky Attends The Brit Awards 2016

Nicky attended the The Brit Awards 2016! Good Morning Britain presenter, Richard Arnold, tweeted a picture with him on the event’s Red Carpet. Nicky also talked to Kevin Hughes and Entertainment News about Eurovision and music. Here are a few pictures (click on one to view them all):

Here’s his interview at the Brit Awards 2016 After Party. Thank you to Sarah May.

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‘Sunlight’ Tops Atlantic Radio UK’s Request Chart for 3rd Week

More congratulations are in order because Nicky’s single ‘Sunlight’ is Atlantic Radio UK’s Most Requested Song for the 3rd consecutive week!

Have you requested ‘Sunlight’ on your local radio stations yet?

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23.02.16 – The Nicky Byrne Show Pictures

As you might have heard by now, The Nicky Byrne Show won Best Radio Show at The Gossies 2016 last weekend! Today, Nicky and Jenny took a picture with their well deserved award. You can watch their video thanking their listeners, here.

Click on the picture to view its full size

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Nicky Sings ‘Sunlight’ Acapella & Discusses Eurovision With ESCKAZ

Here’s a brand new interview of Nicky with ESCKAZ, where he discussed Eurovision, his upcoming performance in Stockholm on May 12th and his single ‘Sunlight’ + He even sang a clip of the song in Acapella. Beautiful!

Nicky on the Eurovision Semi-Finals: “We will have like a pop/rock band, me and five vocalists that play. Also, we are discussing now what we do. I like to put a big performance so I hope we have lots of light, or maybe some piro – Something big! A big performance, because it’s a really high-energetic song”

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Nicky Talks About The Positivity of ‘Sunlight’ & Doing Promo in Europe

While in Ukraine, Nicky talked to ESC Bubble about his single ‘Sunlight’ and how he plans to transmit positivity with it. He also mentioned that he hopes to promote the song in more European countries, but he doesn’t have any confirmation yet.

Nicky’s now on his way back to Ireland. We wish him a nice and safe trip!

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Nicky performs ‘Sunlight’ In the Ukrainian National Eurovision Finals

Nicky killed it tonight! He went on stage and smashed that performance of ‘Sunlight’ at the Ukrainian National Eurovision Finals! He looked so confident and you could tell he was having a blast. The stage is all his and nothing makes me happier than seeing him perform and represent Ireland around the world. Nice to see Ukraine being so supportive as well… They even called him the winner of Eurovision already!

In case you missed it or want to watch again, here’s the video. I also added a few pictures, thanks to Greg French, Jamie Duff, Inna Sugak and Vladik.

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The Nicky Byrne Show Wins At The Gossies 2016’s The Gossies 2016 have just announced their Best Radio Show winner and it’s The Nicky Byrne Show! Big congratulations to Nicky and Jenny! I love listening to them every morning – Such a fantastic team! 🙂

The pair was not able to attend the event due to work commitments, but they recorded a short video thanking their listeners and fans for their support: