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Nicky Talks to Sunday World About Eurovision & Family


Nicky was recently interviewed by Sunday World Magazine, and he’s in today’s issue. A massive thank you to Judith for sending me a scan of the article. You can read it by clicking on the pictures below:

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Behind The Scenes of Nicky’s ‘Sunlight’ Lyric Video

Nicky’s ‘Sunlight’ Lyric Video is doing so well! And doesn’t he look amazing in it? Well, Michelle Regazzoli Stone did Nicky’s makeup that day, and she blogged about her experience, saying that he is a very friendly person and it was a pleasure working with him. Read below:

Everyday is different as a make up artist, you don’t know what you could be called out to do, it makes it so exciting and spontaneous, thus the reason you need a varied kit!

While on my way to Ceira Lambert’s Hair consultancy in Shankill, the boss “Lady Lambert” called to ask if I could go over to do some male make up. Strangely (on a Saturday) I had a two hour gap so could go and do the job. After she sent me the address she decided to inform me it was for a video shoot with Westlife member Nicky Byrne, just a bit exciting who doesn’t love “Westlife”.

This shoot was for his debut solo single “Sunlight” which turns out he will be representing Ireland in the “Eurovision Song Contest” mega exciting.

Nicky is such a friendly person, it was a pleasure to work with him and the film crew.
Delighted he will represent Ireland in this years Eurovision Song Contest. The song is super catchy, a real feel good song!

Best of Luck Nicky!

Check out this video on YouTube: Watch Here

Visit her website to look at the makeup she used on Nicky

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22.01.16 – The Nicky Byrne Show Pictures

Today, EastEnders Stars Shane Richie and Jesse Wallace spoke to Nicky and Jenny about their upcoming roles in The Perfect Murder. I added a HQ picture and the interview’s audio:

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Eurovision Semi-Final Allocation Draw Will Be On Monday

The draw for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest Semi Finals will take place this upcoming Monday 25th January in Stockholm’s City Hall. After this draw, Ireland will know whether Nicky will be performing in Semi Final 1 or Semi Final 2.

18 countries will take part in Semi Final 1 on 10th May and 19 countries will take part in Semi Final 2 on 12th May. The 17/18 other countries that will be competing against Ireland for one of the ten qualifier slots from this Semi Final will also be revealed! The exact running order will be determined by the producers of the show at a later date. In total, 26 countries will be represented in the Grand Final. will be streaming the Semi-Final Allocation Draw live this Monday at 11:15 am CET, and so will SVTPlay. Make sure you’re following Eurovision on Instagram because they will be giving us a sneak peak behind the scenes from the Semi-Final Allocation Draw.

Source: Eurovision

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21.01.16 – The Nicky Byrne Show Pictures

Loving the pictures of Nicky with today’s guest on The Nicky Byrne Show, The Russian Hammer Artem Lobov. You can listen to his interview right here:

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20.01.16 – The Nicky Byrne Show Video

If you listen to The Nicky Byrne Show on a daily basis, you know that Jenny Greene is not a Taylor Swift fan. Well, she’s recently admitted that she likes her new single ‘Out Of The Woods’, so Nicky made her download it on iTunes 😉 He even gave her the 2€ to pay for it! Watch the video:

Also: Who has it rougher – girl bands or boy bands? Nicky spills the beans!

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Nicky On The Front Cover Of Northside People (East) Newspaper

Nicky is on the front cover of Dublin People’s Northside People (East) Newspaper this week. Go look for the issue, or you can read it online by clicking here! I added the scan to the fansite:

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Nicky Will Be Visiting Which Countries Soon?

Nicky had a bit of a Twitter party with his fans tonight, where he answered a few questions about possible promo for his album and ‘Sunlight’ being available for download.

He mentioned that he’ll definitely be visiting Holland, Germany, Denmark and the U.K. He also said he’d love to go to Mexico and Los Angeles, CA in the United States.

Continue reading Nicky Will Be Visiting Which Countries Soon?

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18.01.16 – The Nicky Byrne Show Pictures

Today’s guest on The Nicky Byrne Show was beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger, FacesByGrace. She shared a few pictures and videos on her snapchat account, and you can look at them here:

Watch Nicky imitate Louis Walsh and read one of his #MotivationalQuotes of the day:

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Nicky On The Cover of Irish Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine

Nicky is on the cover of today’s Irish Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine! For those who don’t live in Ireland and can’t read the article anywhere, I uploaded the pictures to the Gallery. Click on them to see their full size:

Here are some of the highlights from the interview. Really worth the read!

On finding his sound and ‘wow-ing’ people:

“When I went to write a solo album I even surprised myself. Ronan Hardiman deserves a lot of credit because he instilled a lot of confidence in me when I got to the songwriting process. He couldn’t believe my tone and he told me that I had a real sweet spot in my voice that was best in a certain range and we tried to capitalise on that and he believed that we would shock a lot of people and hopefully we have.”

On his upcoming Eurovision performance:

“It does need a big performance and we have Lee Lodge on board who has produced the Grammys and VMAs as well as One Direction concerts so hopefully he will dream up something incredible and I can deliver it on the night. Right now we are assembling five backing singers to create the performance and they have to be brilliant.”

On his former Westlife bandmates and their reaction to the news:

“We are brothers and we never lost that bond so we are all doing really well in our own fields. I am sure they all went, ‘holy s**t, what is he doing?’ but then they saw the song and the video and got what I was doing. They have all worked with Wayne and they are very musical and they probably got it and went, ‘Only Nicky would do something like this…’.”

On the Eurovision results:

“The pressure is huge. Don’t get me wrong at the end of the day it is me standing on the stage and I am under no illusions as to what could happen. I thought long and hard about it because everything is going so well, radio is flying, I’m really happy at home and the kids are in school and healthy and happy. Why do you want to put yourself up to this? But life is short, I know it is a decent song and I am a fighter. I am very Irish and I don’t want to see us not qualify. That doesn’t mean I will guarantee that but I will do all the Press and promotion and do the video and call on the biggest names to mix it and if we fall short it won’t be for lack of effort.”

On his family and Georgina’s support throughout his career:

“If I qualify we will all want to be in the same country on the one night. So whatever happens I will be able to go and give them a hug in Stockholm. I’m guessing I will be away doing promo in early May so I will miss Georgina’s birthday, which won’t be ideal. Look, if there was a Golden Globe for best supporting wife she would win it hands down. She has stood by and supported me through Westlife, Strictly, the football career before that – and now Eurovision. When I first considered this I went to her, she just said ‘If you think you can do this then go and do it. Why would you let your fear stop you if you think you can do it?’ And that is just how amazing she is.”

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