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Tune Into ‘Can’t Stop Dancing’ Every Friday Night

The premiere of Dancing With The Stars Ireland is in 2 days, but RTÉ One has something special planned. Every Friday at 8:30pm, they’ll be giving the audience a special Behind The Scenes look at the series. Bláthnaid Treacy is the host of Can’t Stop Dancing. Don’t miss the first episode tonight!

UPDATE: Thanks to Dawn from, here are Nicky’s clips from episode 1. Check out what went down during the show’s photoshoot:

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Visit the Official Website for Dancing With The Stars Ireland

The official website for Dancing With The Stars Ireland is now up! You can check it out for all the information on the presenters, judges, celebrities, professional dancers, voting, clips and more:

And finally, here’s the full size HQ picture of Nicky and Amanda to promote the show:

click on the photo to view its full size

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Nicky’s First Promotional Picture for Dancing With The Stars

Over the last 2 weeks we’ve been introduced to the Dancing With The Stars celebrities, pro dancers and judges… And now it’s finally time to see the very First Promotional Picture of Nicky! Doesn’t he look dashing? Big thank you to Photographer, Jenny McCarthy, for sharing it online.

Click on it to view it full size

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Gallery updates

I’ve added circa 100 old pictures to the gallery.

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Home > Photoshoots > 2006 – 2010 > 2009 > Claudio Bresciani

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Nicky Supports the ISPCC Shield Campaign Against Bullying

The Shield Programme is how the ISPCC supports communities, school and clubs to tackle and prevent bullying. This year, Nicky is one of the campaign’s ambassadors!

In September 2016 you can support the ISPCC’s Shield Programme by purchasing a Shield Bangle or Pin in Penneys stores around Ireland. You can also text SHIELD to 50300 to donate €2. For more information visit their Official Website.

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08.08.16 – The Nicky Byrne Show Broadcast

Today’s show had more than a few guests, including Bernie and Eoghan from We Share Dublin, Louise O’Reilly and Larry Bass, who talked about the upcoming Irish version of Dancing With The Stars!

I also added an Outtake for the Photoshoot Nicky & Jenny had early this year:

Gallery Links:

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Gallery Updates

I’ve added some HQ pictures to the gallery. Thanks to vampireboby for some of them.

Home > Photoshoots > 1998 – 2005 > 2001 > World Of Our Own videoshoot

Home > Appearances / Events > 2016 > Brit Awards 2016 – 24.02.16 (HQ)

Home > Appearances / Events > 2016 > Arriving at the Brit Awards after party – 25.02.2016

Home > TV > (2016) Eurovision > Performances > Semi-final – 12.05.2016 (HQ)

Home > Appearances / Events > 2016 > Nicky Byrne and Frans Jeppsson-Wall taking a boat trip in Stockholm – 10.05.2016 (HQ)

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The Rest of The World Team Picture

Here’s the first picture of this year’s The Rest of The World Team! Is it just me, or they look stronger than ever? Only 2 more days until Sunday’s match!

Click on the picture to see its full size

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Send Good Luck Video for Nicky to RTÉ 2fm

RTÉ 2fm is putting together a supportive official Eurovision video for Nicky, and they’re asking his fans to send them 10 second-videos wishing him good luck! (send yours before 10pm this evening, to

Nicky also had a photoshoot with some reps from the GAA Club, Stockholm Gaels. Everyone is supporting Ireland!

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Nicky on his Debut Album: “I Wanted to Deliver the Best Vocals I Can with Bags of Personality”

Last week, Nicky talked on the phone to Ellwood-Hughes from Entertainment Focus, where he discussed his debut album and Eurovision. Here are some of the highlights:

Nicky on Representing Ireland at Eurovision.
It’s a very proud honour to represent your country in anything. If you’re the chosen one this year to do it, you give it your best shot and you fly the flag. You just hope that you do your best and everyone is happy.

At the end of the day it’s a song contest not a singing contest. Obviously you have to be able to sing well and there’s plenty of singers in there better than others but it’s the song and the whole package. It’s a bit of everything thrown in there. We’re trying to show people that it’s OK for artists that have had different experiences in their career to go and do Eurovision.

Nicky on his music being different from Westlife’s.
I didn’t sit down and say ‘I want to do something way different here’. Westlife was me as well and I did love the songs. I’m not here going ‘this is what I really am’. Not at all. People didn’t know me as a lead singer apart from the hardcore Westlife fans who would have known the album tracks and seen me on many tours taking leads. I always found myself enjoying the tours the most because I like to be a bit of a showman and an entertainer. I love the big stage and I love the crowds. If you’re going to do an album then you need to do songs that are going to lend themselves well to those live arenas.

What I was trying to do was deliver an emotional vocal delivery and lyrics that people believed in.

What this album is as well is personality. I wanted to deliver the best vocals I can with bags of personality. I’ve always enjoyed a right good laugh and banter on stage, it was always my role in Westlife. I was the one that got people on the stage and you always want people to have fun and go home having enjoyed themselves. You do that by singing the songs but you also do that by doing things they don’t expect you to do. There was one night where there was a guy in the front row with his missus who didn’t want to be there. The front was jumping around and he as sat with his arms folded. We all saw him from the very first song and I thought ‘I’m going to have a laugh with this guy’. I got chatting to him, found out he was from Glasgow and his favourite band was Wet, Wet, Wet. We got him up on the big screens and got someone to get him a pint. We started singing Love Is All Around Us and all the crowd knew it. We put a smile on his face.

Click here to read the full interview.

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