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20.01.16 – The Nicky Byrne Show Video

If you listen to The Nicky Byrne Show on a daily basis, you know that Jenny Greene is not a Taylor Swift fan. Well, she’s recently admitted that she likes her new single ‘Out Of The Woods’, so Nicky made her download it on iTunes 😉 He even gave her the 2€ to pay for it! Watch the video:

Also: Who has it rougher – girl bands or boy bands? Nicky spills the beans!

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Request ‘Sunlight’ On Your Local Radio Stations

We all know Sunlight is a brilliant tune, and it’s absolutely perfect for Eurovision – It’s catchy, it’s fun, it’s uplifting! It makes you want to blast it in your car, roll down the windows and dance along.

So what’s next? We have to get the word out there about Nicky’s first song as a solo artist. Yes, basically all of Ireland has heard last week’s amazing news, but let’s make sure it gets the airplay time it deserves! How do we do that? Simple:

  • Listen to your local radio stations.
  • Look them up on twitter.
  • Send them a tweet asking them to play: ‘Sunlight’ by Nicky Byrne.
  • Preferably include the link to Nicky’s lyric video:
  • Or you could call and/or text them.
  • See? Easy! Keep requesting the song throughout the week and let’s get it to the top of the radio charts!

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    18.01.16 – The Nicky Byrne Show Pictures

    Today’s guest on The Nicky Byrne Show was beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger, FacesByGrace. She shared a few pictures and videos on her snapchat account, and you can look at them here:

    Watch Nicky imitate Louis Walsh and read one of his #MotivationalQuotes of the day:

    Gallery link:

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    15.01.16 – The Nicky Byrne Show Pictures

    Carl Mullan presented his “Ones To Watch in 2016” music playlist this morning on The Nicky Byrne Show, and of course it included Nicky’s brand new song ‘Sunlight’. He even got to wear the jacket from Nicky’s lyric video! Jenny Greene also tweeted a picture of our fave checking his phone and his very nice shoes. 😉 View the photos here:

    Gallery link:

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    Updates on Nicky Byrne’s Press Day

    It’s a busy day for Nicky after today’s big announcements! He will be interviewed on various radio and TV shows, so I’m going to be updating this post as audio, clips and pictures are released. Keep checking back for new additions!



    Nicky was on Breakfast Republic this morning and he showed Bernard O’Shea some Westlife dance moves + he talked about planning for Eurovision:

    THE NICKY BYRNE SHOW – RTÉ 2FM Skip to hour 2:47:18

    Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.36.42 AM


    EOGHAN MCDERMOTT – RTÉ 2FM Skip to hour 1:42:08


    thanks for the video

    Gallery Links:

    Home > TV Shows And Radio Appearances > 2016 > The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show – 13.01.16
    Home > TV Shows And Radio Appearances > 2016 > Ray D’Arcy Radio – 13.01.16

    For more Interviews and Pictures click here!

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    Nicky & Kian Catch Up on The Nicky Byrne Show

    Kian Egan was interviewed on today’s The Nicky Byrne Show! He talked about The Voice Of Ireland, his upcoming projects, Jodi Albert’s boutique in Sligo, surfing, and a few other things. Even if it was just a phone call, it was nice to listen to Nicky and Kian catch up… Just like old times 🙂 Listen back here:

    Don’t miss The Voice Of Ireland and support Team Kian every Sunday at 6:30pm on RTÉ One.

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    11.01.16 – The Nicky Byrne Show Pictures

    New jingles and intros on The Nicky Byrne Show this morning! Today’s guest was journalist and columnist, Vicki Notaro. She discussed last night’s Golden Globes with Nicky and Jenny. You can listen back here:

    Gallery link:

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    Brand New Look for RTÉ 2fm: #SoundOfTheNation

    RTÉ 2fm has a brand new look and they’re using the hashtag #SoundOfTheNation as their slogan! To go with the new changes, they released an incredible promo and a Photoshoot of each of their shows as well. Here’s the first official Nicky and Jenny professional picture for The Nicky Byrne Show. Amazing!

    click on the picture to view it full size

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    Nicky Reveals More Details on His Debut Solo Album

    A new article from today’s The Irish Sun has new information on Nicky’s debut solo album, like its working title: Kissing In Car Parks.

    He has co-written with Wayne Hector, who penned the band’s chart-toppers Swear It Again and Flying Without Wings, and Irish writer Don Mescall, who gave Aslan their hit Too Late For Hallelujah. Ronan Hardiman will be the album’s producer.

    Nicky said: “When you get in and write it yourself (an album) and not part of a band like Westlife, it is actually you. It’s your personality and your songs, your writing — it’s all you. To have Ronan Hardiman, one of the best producers in this country, to help me along with the best songwriters Don and Wayne. I’m so proud of it.”

    Nicky has been working on his solo record for the past three years! But, what does this all mean for his radio show, The Nicky Byrne Show?

    “When I first started in RTE, I talked to Dan Healy (Head of 2FM) and the first thing I told him was I was six or seven songs into an album I am hoping to release. Dan fully understood that, and said he fully understood that. He told me, he said, ‘When the time is right we will look at that.’”

    Nicky’s biggest priority remains his wife Georgina, and his kids Rocco, Jay and Gia:

    “First and foremost, I’m a husband and a father of three kids, two of which are in school. I’m enjoying that most of all. They are older now and playing football, or doing hobbies — so if a song or album took off, the first priority is my family. I’m going to be in Ireland. I would be busy jumping on planes coming back to do radio, and be a daddy and a husband.”

    Last but not least, what is his opinion on the recent rumours of him representing Ireland at Eurovision this year?

    “If that opportunity arose for me, I would love it because I am very patriotic.”

    To read the full article, click here.