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Nicky Talks Eurovision and Debut Album to Ray D’Arcy

Nicky stopped by The Ray D’Arcy Show’s studio today to talk about his experience in Stockholm, representing Ireland at Eurovision. He also promoted his debut album ‘Sunlight’, and mentioned how radio stations have refused to play his music due to his job on RTÉ 2fm.

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23.05.16 – The Nicky Byrne Show Pictures

You might remember Michelle Regazzoli as Nicky’s make-up artist for the official lyric video of his debut single ‘Sunlight’. Well, today she was a guest on The Nicky Byrne Show, where she talked about the pressure of wearing make-up and all the apps that make people look flawless on social media.

Also on today’s show, Derren Brown.

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Nicky Returned to RTÉ 2fm Today!

After weeks of being away from his show, Nicky returned to RTÉ 2fm TODAY! It was great to have the gang back together again! You can tune in live every weekday by clicking here or with the station’s official app.

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Jenny Greene Catches Up With Nicky After Lasts Night’s Eurovision Semi-Finals

On today’s The Nicky Byrne Show, Jenny talked to Nicky on the phone about last night’s Eurovision 2nd Semi-Final results. Sad to hear Nicky so down about what happened, but I hope that he knows he didn’t let anyone down – on the contrary, he made us prouder than ever! We love you, Nicky!

Nicky also released the following official statement:

“Obviously I’m disappointed – I really would have loved to represent Ireland at the final on Saturday, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to. I went out there and gave it my absolute best shot. I’ve had such an amazing time in Stockholm and I’m so glad I had the honour of representing Ireland at Eurovision. I’ve had some brilliant experiences and met fantastic people so I’ll take those special memories with me. I have no regrets – life is short and it was an incredible opportunity to represent my country in front of a global audience. I would recommend it to any music act to take on the challenge next year – there is no bigger platform. Over 200 million people watch the Eurovision and with America broadcasting the for the first time this year and Justin Timberlake performing during the interval act it just goes to show how popular and loved it is. I want to thank Team Ireland – Ian, Jay, Janet, Jennifer and Johann for all their hard work. It was brilliant to have such a great team with me. Thanks and love to Georgina, the kids and my family, thanks to friends, colleagues,my management team Tim and Joanne, RTE and Universal for all the support in recent months. There are too many people to thank – you know who you are and I’m very grateful for all the support you’ve shown me. Thanks to all the fans and everyone around the world who voted. When I get home I’m looking forward to promoting the new album Sunlight. I’m so proud that I had the opportunity to fly the flag for Ireland at Eurovision 2016.”


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Sunlight Album Signings

Nicky will be signing his album, Sunlight at some Golden Discs stores in Ireland. Read the details below.

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Life Lessons with Nicky Byrne

Nicky recently sat with The Weekend Magazine to reflect on his life and share some lessons he’s had along the way. It’s a very nice article, and it only makes me a prouder fan, so definitely check it out!

Massive thank you Kian Egan Web for sending the scans – click no them to full feature. Here are some of the highlights:

Nicky on his Family and becoming a dad.
“A young man always hopes that he’ll be lucky enough to become a dad. It was life-changing for me and I love it. I was always responsible, but we suddenly had to put the kids before ourselves and everything became about them.”

Nicky on his Football days.
“Playing football for Ireland as a teenager was amazing and it taught me an awful lot. You have to learn to lose as well as win. Everyone threw a big going-away party for me when I signed for Leeds United as a teenager, but I was back home within three years and I felt like a failure. That was probably one of the biggest challenges I’ve had in life.”

Nicky on what his parents taught him.
My dad taught me always to concentrate on the things you love. He told me to be honest with him and he would always have my back, and never to bring the Gardaí to the door. He also taught me that everything is mind over matter. My mam, Yvonne, taught me to be a human being and a gentleman. My sister Gillian, brother Adam and I were brought up in a very loving environment, and hopefully we have all served our parents well.

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‘Sunlight’ is BBC Radio 2’s Album of The Week

More congrats are in order because BBC Radio 2 just posted their Album of the Week and it’s none other than Nicky’s ‘Sunlight’! Well done! Also, don’t forget to request Nicky’s single on every radio station in Europe and the rest of the world. For more information click here.

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Listen Back To This Week’s Radio Interviews

Nicky spent his morning calling different radio stations in Ireland and the U.K. to talk about how things are going in Stockholm for Eurovision. Also, he got to play a challenge with Wynne Evans from BBC Radio Wales that you don’t want to miss! Listen back:

  • Cork’s Red FM with KC – 05.05.16
  • BBC Radio Wales with Wynne Evans . 05.05.16

  • Click to play – Skip to Hour 1:09:45

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    Listen Back: Nicky on the Gerry Kelly Show

    To continue promo week, Nicky’s interview on the Gerry Kelly Show was broadcasted this afternoon on BBC Radio Ulster. He gave more details on how his album got started and put together… Definitely worth the listen!

    Click to play – Skip to Minute 12:50

    Nicky also has more interviews coming up in the next 3 days, click here for the full schedule!