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Nicky’s A Pro With Breezeboards Pro

Nicky’s been very active on social media today – Posting videos on Instagram and Twitter of him mastering the Breezeboard Pro. Just take a look for yourself!

New wheels.. 🙌 Thanks, @breezeboardpro for sorting!

A post shared by Nicky Byrne (@nickybyrneinsta) on

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Nicky Changes Instagram Username to: nickybyrneinsta

Nicky made his Instagram return on the day he reached 20,000 followers! He shared a new picture of his Sunday afternoon and changed his username from nickybyrne2016 to nickybyrneinsta. Fingers crossed he keeps updating his account and that we get some Instagram Stories along the way! 😉

Click on the picture below to go to his profile and give him a follow:

You can look at all of Nicky’s Official links by clicking here.

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Nicky Has Joined Instagram: NickyByrne2016

The wait is finally over: Nicky has finally joined Instagram! Give him a warm welcome and follow: NickyByrne2016. Looking forward to his upcoming posts!