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Nicky Visits The Ray D’Arcy Show Before Heading to Sweden

Before heading to Stockholm for Eurovision rehearsals, Nicky stopped by The Ray D’arcy Show, tonight. He mentioned he will go to Sweden this upcoming Tuesday, and all his family will be joining him on Eurovision week!

David Hasselhoff was there during Nicky’s interview tonight, and it was quite hilarious!

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Nicky Teases His Eurovision Performance

Nicky recently sat with RTÉ to talk all things Eurovision. The big show is just less than two weeks away, and we can’t wait to see Nicky shine on that stage! Here’s a short clip where he teases what his performance will be like… Sounds amazing!

Nicky also added that he’s very much in contact with his former Westlife bandmates; Shane, Kian and Mark.

“We’ve been in contact recently more than we ever have been in the past four years – emails and texts have been flying around. Anything I’ve seen from the boys in their own personal endeavours when they’ve been interviewed by the media has all been very positive, and privately they’ve all been very positive,” he said. “I think they’ve all probably gone ‘Only Nicky would do something like this’, he added.

As you all know, Nicky is planning to release his debut album ‘Sunlight’ on May 13th – the day after his performance at the Eurovision 2nd Semi-Finals. (You can Pre-order it HERE!)

“This album is really personality based. I’ve shared some great stories on there – personal stories and professional ones from the Westlife years. There’s a song on there called Pop Machine which is all about being in Westlife. The lads are going to love it when they hear it. I’ll send them a copy,” he laughed. “There’s also a lovely song on the album called Pretty which is a little lullaby about Gia my little daughter,” Byrne added. “I’m very proud of the album and I’ve worked hard on it. I think it’s a good pop album and I can’t wait for people to hear it and to make their own minds up.”

Here are two pictures from his album Photoshoot:

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Listen Back: Nicky on the Gerry Kelly Show

To continue promo week, Nicky’s interview on the Gerry Kelly Show was broadcasted this afternoon on BBC Radio Ulster. He gave more details on how his album got started and put together… Definitely worth the listen!

Click to play – Skip to Minute 12:50

Nicky also has more interviews coming up in the next 3 days, click here for the full schedule!

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Nicky’s Interview on BBC Breakfast

Nicky was a guest on today’s BBC Breakfast, where he talked about his plans for the upcoming month of May. Here are some candids of him arriving and leaving the studio. Love how he always takes time to meet the fans… Such a lovely guy! 🙂

And here’s the full interview (thanks to

Gallery link:

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Get The 7th Heaven Remixes of ‘Sunlight’

Two weeks ago, Nicky released the 7th Heaven Remixes of his single ‘Sunlight’… And boy, did we love them! Well, now they’re finally available on iTunes worldwide! So get your weekend ready, & blast the song everywhere you go!

Main link:

Countries in alphabetical order (click on the names to buy them):


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Nicky Interviews: Schedule for the Week

Get ready for more interviews this week, because Nicky will be on BBC Breakfast on BBC One this Friday, April 29th! Tune in from 6:00am UK time or watch online:

Also on Friday, Nicky will be on the Gerry Kelly Show at 3pm UK time, to talk all things Eurovision! You can tune in on BBC Radio Ulster or by listening online, HERE!

To continue the weekend, Nicky is one of the guests of RTÉ One’s The Ray D’arcy Show, that airs this Saturday at 9:45pm. He’ll reveal all his preparations for Eurovision! Watch online:

Another interview will follow on Sunday because Nicky will be a guest on this weekend’s Channel 4 Sunday Brunch. The show airs on May 1st, at 9:30am IRE time. You can also watch live online:

And last but not least, Nicky will be joining Lorraine on ITV, this upcoming Monday, May 2nd! Show starts at 8:30am UK time. Link to watch online:

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‘Sunlight’ Album Radio Promo

It was a busy day for Nicky because he spent it doing some radio promo for his debut album and single ‘Sunlight’ + Eurovision. Listen back below!

  • Downtown Radio with Paul Orr:
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    Watch Nicky Perform on The Voice of Ireland

    Since last Monday, there were two days we had been waiting for all week: Friday, April 22 (because we could start pre-ordering Nicky’s debut album) and today, because Nicky would be performing his debut single ‘Sunlight’ on The Voice of Ireland!

    Here are some pictures of Nicky rehearsing, reuniting with Kian and getting ready to perform:

    Nicky and Kian streamed live from The Voice of Ireland’s Official Facebook! It was just like old times 🙂

    And last but not least, here is Nicky’s performance!

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    Nicky Reminds Fans To Catch Him on The Voice of Ireland Tomorrow

    As previously mentioned this week, Nicky will perform on The Voice of Ireland, tomorrow at 6:30pm on RTÉ One! Here’s a reminder from Nicky himself 😉 Also, who’s excited for that mini-Westlife reunion of Nicky and Kian?!

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    Nicky’s Album ‘Sunlight’ Tops iTunes Bestselling Pre-Orders in Ireland!

    Nicky’s debut album ‘Sunlight’ is Officially the Best Selling Pre-Ordered album in Ireland right now! And not only that, but its been dominating the charts in other countries around the world as well. Can’t think of anyone more deserving of this 🙂 Congratulations, Nicky! And like you once wrote for your song ‘Pop Machine’, “Haven’t you heard? We’re ruling the world, living the dream.” This is only the beginning!

    Top 3 Current Chart Positions of ‘Sunlight’:

  • Ireland: #1
  • UK: #8 (peak is #7)
  • New Zealand: #10 (peak is #3)
  • Have you pre-order it yet? Find your country HERE!