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Nicky Attends The Gossies 2018 & Talks Westlife Reunion

Nicky attended’s 2018 Gossies, and he walked the red carpet with Georgina! While being interviewed, Nicky chatted about Westlife, that reunion everyone’s talking about (nothing’s been confirmed yet), his family and loving life! It’s always so nice to see him happy. 🙂

For all the Gossies coverage, CLICK HERE

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07.02.18 – The Nicky Byrne Show Broadcast

Jenny had a special surprise for Nicky on this morning’s show, as she choce “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Westlife for #TheElevenses. In case you guys didn’t know, Nicky never wanted to record that song and it’s one of his least favourites. Watch his reaction as Jenny asks him to play the clip. ?

Kara Lily Hayworth was a guest this Wednesday, where she introduced listeners to Cilla – The Musical, playing now at the Bord Gais Theatre.

Listen back to the full show by clicking here.

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Watch Week 3 of Dancing With The Stars

The day had to come for one of the contestants on this year’s Dancing With The Stars to go home… But that wasn’t until after all the celebrities danced on the special night and shined individually. Nicky looked stunning with his Gagliardi suit from Arnotts. Watch it back on the RTÉ Player now:

Thank you to Amanda & Arnotts for sharing these backstage photos, and RTÉ for this beautiful shot of Nicky & Amanda onstage.

But that’s not all we got to see from Behind The Scenes this week! Jake Carter made all Westlife fans swoon when he posted a video of Nicky teaching Kai, Ryan and Marty the signature pose for “Flying Without Wings”! I have a feeling we’ll get to see more of it on Thursday at 9:30PM on RTÉ2, during Can’t Stop Dancing. 😉

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RSVP Magazine Celebrates Westlife’s 20th Anniversary

As you all know, Westlife will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year. And even though there are still no plans for a reunion, RSVP Magazine did not want to waste any time and decided to release a special article on their latest issue, remembering some of the band’s best moments. Here is a special sneak peek to what’s inside:

If you live in Ireland, make sure to get a copy! 😉

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22.11.17 – The Nicky Byrne Show Broadcast

It’s been a good two months for Westlife fans as the lads have been surprising us with Mini Reunions! This time, we got to see Nicky and Mark back together on The Nicky Byrne Show, as Mark stopped by the studio to promote his upcoming Christmas album, which you can pre-order now by clicking here.

It was so nice to see #Marcky in the same room for the first time since 2015! Watch the video below for the full interview and to check out Nicky’s Westlife Quiz for Mark!

In other news, Nicky also had the chance to try the new Lenovo Jedi Challenges. ?

Listen back to the full show by clicking here.

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Nicky Byrne addresses Westlife reunion rumours

Nicky Byrne has set the record straight on those Westlife reunion rumours.

There was speculation recently that the band were getting back together, so sat down with Nicky to get the inside scoop.

Firstly, it appears that there are no immediate plans for Nicky to rejoin Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Shane Filan on stage.

‘There is no truth in it! The thing about it is the four of us haven’t been in a room together since Jodi’s [Kian’s wife] mum’s funeral,’ he said.

‘That was the last time we spoke properly as a band, if you want to call it that.’

But there was some good news for fans of the boyband as Nicky was enthusiastic about the idea of the boys getting back together at some point.

‘I’d love to do a Westlife reunion as I hope would the other lads,’ the 2FM presenter said.

‘I wouldn’t love to do it now as I’ve got so much going on and I’m sure the other boys are the same.

‘So until we sit in a room and say what to you want to do? We don’t have a record deal but I’ve already heard labels that are interested.’

‘But we have discuss what kind of music we want to make. A big Westlife ballad, where does that sit with the current songs on radio? Where do we fit?

‘Not that we can’t fit, you look at Take That, they come out with great songs. That’s what I feel we would need to do.

‘I’d love to see all the fans again. I’d need to consider what would happen to the radio, can I take a sabbatical.’

‘I don’t know if we know when the right time for a reunion would be,’ the Dancing with the Stars host admitted.

‘I’d love to put a DVD on of a Westlife show with the four of us and have a few beers and laugh in a good way or what it used to be like!’

Nicky was chatting to us at the National Maternity Hospital Foundation coffee morning at Holles Street to celebrate World Prematurity Day on Friday 17th November 2017 supported by WaterWipes.

Drogheda based Irish Company WaterWipes has produced special “donate packs” for Prematurity Awareness Month. For every 60 pack sold, WaterWipes will donate 50c to the NMH Foundation and this will add to the total donation of €40,000 WaterWipes will make this year.


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Nicky Gives Fans A Big Throwback on Instagram

Nicky and his family were at a wedding on Saturday and he shared a few snaps and videos on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. What made everyone’s night, though, was the Instagram Story he posted where he is dancing and singing to a very popular song from Westlife’s medleys, “I Gotta Feeling”. He’s still got it! 😉

Love a good Wedding ! @gginaahernbyrne

A post shared by Nicky Byrne (@nickybyrneinsta) on

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Shnicky Reunion at Shane Filan’s Dublin Concert

It’s been 6 years since Westlife announced they were splitting up, but we all got the biggest surprise when Shane Filan was performing at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, and they showed Nicky on the stage’s screen! It’s so nice to see the lads support each other and it was about time we got a new Shnicky picture, right? 😉 Plus, guess who else was there? Here are a couple of photos and a video shared by some fans who attended the concert: Rebecca, Jennifer, Louise and Miriam. Shnicky pictures thanks to Joanne Byrne, Gillian Filan and Caroline Downey.

Nicky also was at Shay Given’s Official Book Release earlier today.

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Looking Back At Nicky’s Boyband Hairstyles

Like I mentioned earlier this week, Xposé covered the Wella Trendvision Awards 2017 that Nicky hosted. While they were at the event, they had the opportunity to talk to Nicky and see what he thinks about the various hairstyles he’s had in his career. What is YOUR personal favourite?

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Westlife Requests Continue Through July

Last month I decided to let you guys send me your favourite Westlife video/picture requests and I would post them on the the Fansite’s Social Media accounts each day. Since there was such a great response from all of you, I’m extending the #WestlifeMemories all July long… I mean, Westlife will be celebrating their 19th Anniversary anyway, so why not do it in style?

If you have any favourite moments from the lads, send them my way through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! 😉

I made a poll with 4 possible Pictures of the Month. The photo with the highest number of votes (59) was… Picture No. 1! Thank you all for voting.

Here is July’s Fan Of The Month, @Fer_Langford! Check out her profile by clicking on his picture 😉 (you can also apply to be the future Fan of The Month).