Fan Of The Month

Name: SV, BP, SG
Age: 28, 22, 19
Country: India
Twitter: @ShaneFilanIndia

1. When did you become a Nicky fan?
SV: When I saw the very popular Nicky Look in most Westlife videos, and also when he was dancing in the studio versions of World Of Our Own and Flying without wings.
BP: When I saw him shave his head in QOMH. That was it.
SG: When I first saw the video of “Seasons in the Sun” I was crazy in love with him.

2. What do you like most about him?
SV: The fact that he is very cheerful, talkative and chirpy and very kind to fans too.
BP: He is a complete package. Super talented with a great personality.
SG: He’s so much fun, multi-talented, loyal. Always giving me positive vibes! That’s what I love most about him.

3. Favourite song from Nicky’s debut album, ‘Sunlight’?
SV: All of them! ‘Explosion’ gives me goosebumps me up whenever I listen to it.
BP: Sunlight, the title track.
SG: OMG “Still The One”. It gives me “I want a boyfriend like that” & “sob sob” feelings :3

4. List your favourite Westlife album, song & music video:
SV: Album: I can’t choose between The Love Album, Gravity and Back Home. They’re all amazing. Song and Video: Beautiful world.
BP: I’m a sucker for love songs so it has to be The Love. Favourite song I just can’t choose one. Video would be Obvious, it was shot here in India 😆
SG: Album – Difficult choice but I’ll go with Where We Are. LOVE it 🙂 | Song – Last Mile of the Way | Video – Lighthouse 🌟

5. Out of all of the projects Nicky’s done since Westlife split, which one do you like most?
SV: I love his dancing! He was amazing in Strictly and I would also love him to act in movies coz he has the skills!
BP: I love him as a RJ. He does a fantabulous work when he is live!
SG: Definitely radio. He’s rocking it there 🙌👌

7. If you could say anything to Nicky, what would it be?
SV: I would love to meet him someday and tell him he is PERFECT. I would also request him to Come to India someday and I would love to guide him on tour and treat him to local delicacies.
BP: I’d thank him for all the goodtimes and request a Nicky Look😆
SG: First I’d give him a solid 5-minute-hug where I’d relieve every millisecond of every moment that brought me here, then I’d thank him for the same. It’s been a good wild ride for us all.

8. Share your favourite picture of Nicky (it can also be a gif)



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