Fan Of The Month

Name: Nook Tanisa Uomnoi
Age: 24
Country: Thailand
Twitter: @nook_tanisa

1. When did you become a Nicky fan?
1999! In 1999 I was 7 years old I practiced my first english song (Fool Again) I saw Nicky I fell like he has a lovely smile and attractive eyes. After that I continue to follow him and Westlife.

2. What do you like most about him?
He has a sexy voice, it could be this voice made him to be a superstar. It’s unique when I listened everytime I smile.

3. Favourite song from Nicky’s debut album, ‘Sunlight’?
My favorite song is POP MACHINE because this song he dedicate to all of his Westlife friends and I feel that I am listening to some backstage story from friend to friend.

4. List your favourite Westlife album, song & music video:

  • Coast to Coast album. All the songs are meaningful.
  • “I’m already there” is a song which very great song it’s just like a family story for the person who has to live far away from his/her ‘s family.
  • “Queen of my heart” because Nicky shaved his hair. This was the brave step.
  • 5. Out of all of the projects Nicky’s done since Westlife split, which one do you like most?
    DJ because we all can listen to his voice whenever we miss him.

    6. What is your favourite Nicky dance from Strictly Come Dancing?
    “Jailhouse Rock” his step was fantastic!

    7. If you could say anything to Nicky, what would it be?
    Hi, Nicky I am Nook from Thailand. I hope you remember me I was the one who made a video call to you at golden disc. In this month is my birthday too (11th April). Hopefully to get some birthday message from my favorite singer like you.

    8. Share your favourite picture of Nicky (it can also be a gif)

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