Fan Of The Month

Name: Kristine Joy Linga
Age: 31
Country: Philippines
Twitter: @realcj_16

1. When did you become a Nicky fan?
I never really know the exact date that I had been a fan of Nicky what I am sure is that he caught my heart since the very first time that i had watch the music video of Swear it Again way back 1998…since then, I became a huge fan.

2. What do you like most about him?
What I live most on Nicky is his personality,he can be so sweet, staright forward yet he is so funny,of course talented..Likewise I love his versatility, he can dance, sing, compose,host…a total package of a very passionate and responsible person.

3. Favourite song from Nicky’s debut album, ‘Sunlight’?
Definitely, Sunlight and Pop Machine. SUNLIGHT reminds me of the Never give up attitude while Pop machine reminisce experiences when they were still in the band, a great part of his life.

4. List your favourite Westlife album, song & music video:
Album: Westlife, Coast to Coast, Gravity
Song: too many,it’s hard to pick 🙂 but I guess it’s “Amazing”,”Us against the World” and “You make me feel”
Music Video: “Us against the World” and “Home”

5. Out of all of the projects Nicky’s done since Westlife split, which one do you like most?
Being a radio dj and dancing star…on that genre he definitely portrayes his true passion and i can watch or listen on him online…actually i had set my watch to dublin time so that i can listen on time 🙂

6. What is your favourite Nicky dance from Strictly Come Dancing?
Of course, I love “Dynamite”…aside that its one of my favorite dance song…it displayed his dancing prowess. He’s so sexy and gorgeous.

7. If you could say anything to Nicky, what would it be?
If given a chance, I would say I am very proud of him, of his achievements in life. Continue to inspire people and keep dedicated in everything he do. I love him and my daughter loves him too.

8. Share your favourite picture of Nicky (it can also be a gif)

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