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Radio Ratings: 2FM Increases Across all Shows

JNLR day is here and the numbers are in: The Nicky Byrne Show has gained 8,000 more listeners, giving them a total of 139,000 – Congratulations!

Dan Healy, head of RTÉ 2FM, said he was delighted with the performance of his channel as “a challenger brand.” He said it was over two years since a conscious move was made to go after a younger audience. The new policy meant 2FM lost its older listeners and figures were declining but now it has enjoyed back-to-back listenership growth.

Picture thanks to Jenny Greene.

He was delighted that Nicky’s show enjoyed significant audience growth and he attributed it to talent and hard work. “He’s a guy who probably doesn’t have to work, I assume, but he comes in with a massive work ethic,” he said. He praised Nicky’s fellow broadcaster on the show Jenny Greene and how both worked so well together since she joined him. “She didn’t like Westlife, she didn’t fancy him, so you’ve got a really interesting kind of chemistry there,” he quipped.


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27.04.17 – The Nicky Byrne Show Broadcast

Big day on The Nicky Byrne Show! Nicky and Jenny broadcasted live from the 3Arena as part of the Junk Kouture Grand Final. There was a small Dancing With The Stars reunion, as Dayl Cronin and Ksenia Zsikhotska joined them in the roadcaster.

I have to say that one of the biggest highlights was the introduction to the FaceApp, where Nicky, Jenny and the show’s team transformed their faces to their older, younger and opposite sex versions! Check out Nicky’s picture below… Pretty crazy!

The broadcast ended on a high when they aired their interview with none other than The Cranberries!

Picture credits to Nicky and RTÉ 2fm.

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Home > Radio > The Nicky Byrne Show > 2017 RTÉ Radio Centre Broadcasts

Home > Radio > The Nicky Byrne Show > 2017 Special Broadcasts > 3Arena for Junk Kouture – 27.04.17

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25.04.17 – The Nicky Byrne Show Broadcast

The Nicky Byrne Show has teamed up with Ulster Bank again, and today’s show was broadcasted from Dundrum Town Centre, where Nicky and Jenny gave away some prizes. Special guests included Katherine Lynch and Beauty Journalist, Ruth Griffin.

Picture credits to RTÉ2fm and Hospice Foundation.

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Home > Radio > The Nicky Byrne Show > 2017 Special Broadcasts > Dundrum Town Centre Broadcast – 25.04.17

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Sunday Independent: How Nicky Stays Fit

Nicky was featured on the latest Sunday Independent, where he talked about the importance of staying fit, how it helps him and his essential tips! I added a scan of the full article, and you can check it out below:

“Most of my life, it was all about football but in the past 10 years, I’ve moved away from football and gotten really into weights and boxing“, said Nicky. He trains with “Padraig Murphy of Evolv Fitness in Blackrock and also in my own small gym at home. I try to stick to three sessions per week – sometimes it will be just two – but sometimes I will go through phases where it’s five times per week, mixing weights and boxing.”

Nicky’s secret weapon is exercise: “Exercise makes me feel good. I don’t just work out to get fit, I plan my goals in the gym. It’s a great place to think. While I’m in the gym, I’m thinking of fighting for the heavyweight boxing title, or singing in Madison Square Gardens, or presenting the biggest TV show in the world! I have the music up loud, sports on the TV, the top comes off and off I go! Basically, when I’m in my gym at home I feel invincible.”

His Top 3 Tips:

1. Commit to training at least three times per week and decide on the days.
2. Always include squats in one of your training sessions; it’s the best thing you can do. ‘Ass to grass’ to avoid knee injury.
3. Include boxing if you can; it’s great for cardio and for building confidence. Boxercise classes are a great option.

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Nicky Featured in ‘Portrait of a Century’ Exhibition

There’s a brand new exhibition at the Nat’l Museum Ireland called ‘Portrait of a Century’ by Photographer, Kim Haughton. Today was its inauguration and the lovely Rosemary tweeted a beautiful never-before-seen picture of Nicky that you will want to see in person!

Click to view its full size

Exhibition will be open from April 21st to December 2017, and an accompanying book, Portrait of a Century by Kim Haughton, is available for sale in the Museum shop. For more information click here.

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20.04.17 – The Nicky Byrne Show Broadcast

Blogger, Holly White, changed her eating habits when she decided to have a plant-based diet. On today’s show, she explained the importance of respecting everyone’s preference of eating and why she doesn’t like to call herself vegan or a vegetarian – she’s just happy with how many benefits she’s gotten over making the best decision of her life.

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Happy 10th Birthday, Rocco & Jay!

Can’t believe Nicky’s kids, Rocco & Jay, turn 10 years old today! I want to wish them the Happiest Birthday! 🎉🎈🎂 In celebration of this special day, Nicky tweeted some lovely snaps of him and the family and another one of him standing outside the hospital where the twins were born. Look at how grown up the kids are – Time flies!

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19.04.17 – The Nicky Byrne Show Broadcast

Irish Comedy Trio, Foil, Arms and Hog were in the studio with Nicky and Jenny to show them a couple of their sketches and to share what it’s like to be online and onstage comedians. For more, make sure to visit The Cat Laughs Official Site.

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Westlife’s “My Love” Music Video Is Now VEVO Certified With 100 Million Views!

Huge news and big congratulations are in order because Westlife’s “My Love” Music Video has reached 100 million views on YouTube! This is the very first videoclip from the lads to reach such a high number, making it their first single to get VEVO Certified! I couldn’t be prouder and happier. Well done!

To many, this is Westlife’s best music video to date! Would you agree? What is your favourite? Share your answers on the fansite’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Accounts!

To celebrate such a big achievement, a few accounts on Twitter and I decided to organise a special trend: #MyLoveVevoCertified. To help spread the word, I made a poster with all the information on the date and time of the event! If you have Twitter, make sure to be there and help us… If you don’t, please share the information with other Westlife fans. The more people help, the better. See you tomorrow! 😉

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18.04.17 – The Nicky Byrne Show Broadcast

After a long weekend due to Easter Break, Nicky and Jenny are back on the radio! The show kicked off with My Sister’s Closet BLOG sisters, Anita and Donna Ross, who shared their story and fashion knowledge. You can watch the full interview below + follow RTÉ 2fm on Instagram for more clips (Instagram stories)!

Picture credits to RTÉ 2fm, Anita and Donna Ross.

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