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Home Poker GamesThere are many different forms of poker that are played in cellars, dens and kitchen tables throughout the poker world. They often include wild cards, changing wild cards, being able to buy extra cards, redraws, matching the pot if you lose, and other interesting twists. I’ve assembled the rules to many of them, grouping them by the game they most resemble (5 or 7 card stud and draw poker). The list is on the right. If you know the name of the game you’re interested in, but do not know anything of how it’s played, I’ve listed all the games I have rules for on this page. If you can’t find the name of the game, I don’t have the rules listed. Feel free to get in touch if you have suggestions, additions, or corrections.

5 Card Stud Games

– Mexican Rollover

– Chicago

– No Peek

– Last Card Down

– Lowball Stud

– Substitution

5 Stud Page 2

– Pig Stud

– English Stud

– Murder

– Three Card Stud

– Push

– Big Squeeze

7 Card Stud Games

– Down the River

– Eight Card Stud

– High Low

– Low Hole Card Wild

– Four-Four-Four

– Three-Three-Three

– Follow the Queen

More 7 Stud Games

– Five & Ten

– Baseball

– Seven Card No Peek

– Anaconda


Draw Poker Games

– Progressive Jacks or Better

– Straight Draw

– Bet or Drop

– Cold Hands

More Draw Poker

– Blind Tiger

– LowBall

– High-Low

– Shotgun

– Double Barreled Shotgun

– Pass The Garbage

– Two Card Poker

– English Draw

More Draw Poker

– Canadian Draw

– Low Draw

– Brag

– American Brag