Making A Deposit

Making A DepositThe first way most people try to fund any online gaming account is with a credit card. Using credit cards on the internet is not the worry that it used to be, and they allow you to pay for and receive chips at an online poker room immediately.

So, the credit card companies deny the transaction. It has nothing to do with your credit, and certainly nothing to do with the online poker room. The credit card companies sometimes just say “No, we won’t let you buy this”, and there’s little you or the poker room can do about it.

Still, feel free to try your card, and if it works, great. If the transaction is declined, now you know why.

Another way to buy chips is with Neteller, which is an e-cash company. You set up an account with Neteller, and put money into that account with a credit card, or your checking account. You can then use the money you put into your Neteller account to buy chips at pretty much every online poker room and casino.

There are some great things about Neteller. When you cash out for instance, the money makes its way to your Neteller account a lot faster than a check makes it to your house.

The bother with Neteller is that it takes a few days to set up. But, I found it worth going through because every poker room worth frequenting takes Neteller, so I never have to worry about credit card declines.

Other options include electronic checks, where the money is taken right from your checking account. Firepay, which is much like Neteller, and works well for those who use it. And PrePaid ATM cards, which also take time to set up, but once it’s in place you can use your ATM card at thousands of different stores on and offline.