No Deposit Required Bonuses

The usual way this works is that you download the poker room and sign up as a real player. This is so there’s somewhere to put your bonus money.

They’ll also usually ask you for a credit card number to have on file. This is to make sure you are of age, and to keep everyone from Mrs. Whipple’s 7th grade English class from signing up and trying to get some quick arcade money. While this may not keep all underagers out, at least it proves they had to be deceptive enough to steal credit card information before they got in.

The ulterior motive for getting your credit card info is obvious. If you can just click on “add money” to my account, you are much more likely to do so. That’s not a worry for me because I play poker, I’m not an impulsive casino gambler. And besides, most credit card companies deny online poker room transactions anyway.
Once you’ve established an account, you may have to email support to tell them you’re ready for your cash. Sometimes bonuses are deposited automatically, but if it’s not, an email ought to take care of things.

Before you can cash out, you are usually required to play a certain number of raked hands (hands where the house takes out a rake). Feel free to contact the poker room like online casino canada 888 and ask them for a number. I’ve seen several that are 100 raked hand requirements. Not that it makes much of a difference, since minimum cash outs are often $50 or so, and it may take quite a few hands to build a bankroll that high when starting with $10.

No Deposit Required BonusesThe no deposit bonuses offered by online rooms change pretty frequently, so please check the poker room and make sure the offer is currently in effect before downloading.

Royal Vegas – These guys are probably the leading prima poker room. Absolutely tons of stuff going on there, from guaranteed money tournaments to satellites for big land-based poker tourneys.
The majority of the happenings are network-wide, which means if you find them at Royal Vegas, you can find the same tournaments through other prima poker rooms as well. Although, to be fair, it was Royal Vegas themselves who ran the “Enter the World Series of Poker” free Roll.

Crazy Vegas poker is another prima poker room. I asked support and they told me that even if I claimed a $10 free bonus at Royal Vegas, I could get one from them as well. Friendly bunch, aren’t they?
They also told me that I would have to email them and let them know I wanted my $10 free, just so you know.

That’s it for the list of no deposit bonuses. There may or may not be more poker rooms trying this promotion to get people in their doors.