Poker Room Reviews

Poker Room Reviews

I’m achieving all of the old reviews, so if you wish to know what my experiences and opinions of a room were, check the archives. The new reviews should be coming on board at the rate of about one per week, and I’ll be listing them under Room Reviews on the right hand side of the page.

In each of the poker room reviews you can expect to find basic information on the room, a recount of the playing sessions I had at the room while writing the review, and I also make note of any tips or tricks I find.

The rooms are rated on:

Player Traffic – A high volume of players in the room is a good sign in many ways. It makes a difference when it comes to table selection. The more players, the more tables to choose from. On the other hand, less players means a better chance to get to know your opponents. Still, I give higher marks for better table selection.

Tournaments – The faster the Sit and Go tournaments start, the better. The more varied the multi-table tournaments are, the better. More and bigger guaranteed prize pools, the better. In short, more action and bigger games means a better score.

Game Variety – by this I mean the variety of games being dealt. Higher scores for different versions of poker and more variety in betting.

Bonuses – The bigger and more frequent the bonuses, the better. In here I consider the room’s version of a raked hand, which by default should be a hand that you play where the pot was raked. Find’em and Fold’em should suffice. If you need to contribute to the pot in order for the hand to qualify as a raked hand for the bonus, I make mention of that.

New Player Protection – by this I mean protection for the new players against the sharks. Some rooms protect their new players better than others, giving them the chance to learn and enjoy the games without being immediately preyed upon by all of the highly skilled players online.

Player Rewards – Does the room have a comp program in place for their players? Do they offer more than a chance to earn some logo wear? In what ways does the room show appreciation to their regular customers? Also, I consider a strong bonus program as part of the Player Rewards offered by the room.

While I do not rate the rooms on level of competition, some rooms are more prone to attract beginning players while others cater to more experienced players. If the level of competition is unusually tough or weak, I may mention it in the session notes.